Stand up for yourself

Boost your confidence and become more assertive


Stand up for yourself

  • Dare to make your own choices
  • Learn to say 'no'
  • Gain more self-confidence
  • Dealing with dominant personalities and manipulation

8 weeks

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Coach yourself in this online programme with lots of videos, exercises and practical tips, in all discretion, wherever and whenever you want and at your own pace. 

This programme is for you:

if you recognize yourself in one or more of these situations:

  • You put yourself last
  • You’re second-guessing yourself
  • You’ve got trouble expressing your needs, thoughts or feelings to others
  • You’ve got difficulties saying no
  • You often encounter dominant personalities

And you want to know how to change your situation. 

Coach yourself towards these results:

  • Choosing what it is you want

    Discover what it is you really want, and become creative in coming up with possible solutions. Learn how to act on your deepest wishes.
  • Truthfully giving your opinion without hurting the other

    Discover your own communication style and get a taste of the freedom to do and say everything you want, with respect to your environment.
  • Become visible

    Make sure others take you and your opinion into account.
  • Get instant self-confidence

    Learn how to quickly boost your self-confidence to be more at ease in your conversations at work or in your relationships.
8 modules
24 videos
10 exercises
  1. Starting off
    • Meet the expert
    • Coach yourself
  2. Putting myself first
    • Everything starts with myself
    • Setting priorities
    • My priorities
    • Making time for myself
    • Keeping my schedule up to date
  3. Taking my time
    • The pause-button
    • Discovering what I want
    • My new me
  4. Choosing and deciding
    • Do I have a choice?!
    • Deciding what I’m going to do
    • Getting started
  5. Getting the message across
    • Self-reflection
    • Setting my goal
    • Expressing my needs
    • Using the right words
    • The right posture
    • Clear communication
    • Self-reflection, bis
    • Get to work
  6. Saying no
    • How do I say “No”?
    • What’s stopping me?
    • The advantages of “no”
    • 7 tips
    • Personal fundamental rights
    • Get to work
  7. Dealing with dominant personalities
    • A closer look on dominance
    • The broken record
    • The talking stick
    • Get to work
  8. Conclusion
    • In retrospect
    • Now what?
    • Feedback

About this programme

This online programme "Stand up for yourself" brings you the knowledge and experience in a way that is really useful: understandable, in bite-sized pieces and easy to apply to your own life. Not with boring texts but with lots of videos. We also send you away from your screen often to practice. The hands-on exercises show you how to use and implement the techniques in your own life. The listening files are there to inspire, and illustrate the theory in a practical and tangible way. You'll work step by step towards a positive change, in all discretion, wherever and whenever you want and at your own pace. 

Patsy Vanleeuwe

Patsy Vanleeuwe

Patsy Vanleeuwe is a life coach and trainer, a mother and a wife. In her coaching practice, she's guided many people to a happier and more successful life. Her knowledge of online platforms and years of experience as a life coach form the perfect combination for creating online programmes for personal development. 


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