Frequently asked questions


When do I get access to the programme?

After purchasing the programme, you will have immediate and unlimited access. The programme always remains accessible online via the website. Handy if you want to see certain exercises, videos or practical tips again after a long period of time. You choose where, when, how much, how long and on which device. 

How does an online programme work?

Our programmes are 100% online. They have been carefully compiled by experts. They bring their knowledge and experience to you in a way that is really useful: understandable, in bite-sized pieces and easy to apply to your own life. Not with boring texts but with lots of short videos, audio and practical tips. We also send you away from your screen often to practice. You'll work step by step towards a positive change.

After purchasing the programme, you will have immediate and unlimited access. So you can start straight away. You do this completely at your own pace, in all discretion, when and where you want

You have the potential to create a life for yourself that makes you happy. You will have to be brave sometimes, confront yourself, push your limits, and practice a lot. We are very honest about that. But with the right methodologies and tools you can really change your life. We give you the tools, but you do it yourself.

Are you a little stuck? You can always contact us so we can help you further. 

What if I'm not satisfied?

Will only works with the best experts. Their in-depth specialisation and years of experience guarantee the quality of our programmes. They know what works and what doesn't. They share this knowledge with you. So you can coach yourself towards positive change. We believe in the power of our programmes and trust that you will get results.

But it is possible that you are not 100% satisfied. Because our mission is to make you happier and more successful, we're not satisfied if you're not satisfied. If you are not satisfied with the results, we will refund your money. How does it work? Contact us stating that you are not satisfied. We will ring you to find out why you are not satisfied and where exactly things went wrong. We will discuss how you experienced the exercises and try to find out why you are not getting results. Maybe we can find a solution together and get you back on track. If this does not work, we will refund your money. 

Does the programme also work on my tablet or smartphone?

Yes, you can view the programme on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All you need is an internet browser you can use to access the internet. Surf to and continue from there. 


How can I pay?

You can easily pay online via credit card or Bancontact. We use Mollie to ensure the safe handling of your payment. After choosing a payment method, you will automatically be taken to the Mollie website where the payment is handled directly between you and them. Will won't see your card details. We only receive a message of successful payment.

Did you receive a promo code? Enter the code at the top right of Will's payment screen. 

Can I get an invoice?

Yes. When purchasing a programme, you can indicate that you wish to receive an invoice. Enter your billing information and you will receive the invoice by email on the next working day. 

If you already purchased the programme without indicating this, you can always contact us so we can still send an invoice. 


The Will website appears in my messages!

Belgian websites have the ".be" domain name extension (.be stands for Belgium). Our website is 

If you type a dot (a point, a period) between the words "will" and "be", e.g. "I there tomorrow" or "Yes, I will.Be there!" your messaging app (Whatsapp, Messages, text messages) will automatically see this as a website and even include a link to the website in your message. The same happens when you type e.g. "" in your message. Your messaging app will include a link to the website. It's not done by Will, it's a general feature in most apps. 

The solution is very simple: leave a space between the 2 words :-).